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With an exclusive selection of only fifteen Steven Pellier Lifestyle members at any one time, an opportunity to acquire a highly sought-after membership lifestyle with Steven Pellier is absolutely fierce, but when the opportunity does arise, we do not make you jump through hoops or divulge your life history or do we ask your application to be supported by one or more current members, that’s not how we roll!  What we do ask however, is that you sign up to our waiting list as on occasion membership opportunities do become available, and we really wouldn’t want you to miss the boat.

Its Time for you

Live a life of abundant luxury

What can you expect from a Steven Pellier Lifestyle Membership?

Well the list is exhaustive and can only be as long as you wish it to be through our collaboration together, but written below is a small snippet to get you started:

  • Dedicated and knowledgeable lifestyle managers, providing discreet service 24/7/365 with your own personal phone number and email address.

  • Unlimited lifestyle management requests.

  • Yacht Charter and Brokerage.

  • Private Jet Charter and Brokerage.

  • Vehicle Bookings, Sourcing and Brokerage.

  • Custom Designed Travel Arrangements.

  • Relocation Arrangements and Management.

  • Property and Household Management.

  • Bespoke gift design, sourcing and purchasing.

  • Priority access to Steven Pellier Weddings and Events, for the creation and production of world-renowned weddings and events in the UK and far flung international destinations, at a generously discounted rate.

  • Everyday Errands.

  • The world’s most reputable and highly vetted suppliers.

  • A beautiful presentation gift upon joining and a luxurious gift upon each annual anniversary of your membership with Steven Pellier Lifestyle.

  • No request is too big, too small or to outlandish – let’s make the impossible, possible!

    *Please note as per contractual terms and conditions, certain requests will be available with an additional fee, which you will be notified of on a request by request basis.

    If you would like to discuss membership with us or apply to become a member, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.


    Welcome to Steven Pellier Lifestyle, far more than your average concierge company. We are a luxurious, bespoke, lifestyle management company offering a dedicated, personal and discreet service, to an exclusive selection of only fifteen lifestyle members, at any one time.


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    Steven Pellier Lifestyle